February 10, 2020

Vegan Delights: The Healthy Way to Conscious Eating

The spotlight is on climate change and sustainability these days. And, the most underplayed yet a significant part is what you ‘eat’. So, if you are one of those who practice a plant-based lifestyle or ‘veganism’, the options available these days will take you by surprise. It is the growing acceptance of veganism that has inspired restaurants across the globe to serve vegan food and curate vegan food menus with pride.

The vegan food excludes meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and other animal-derived ingredients. In fact, from food that mocks the non-vegetarian and substitutes dairy food items such as paneer with soy-based tofu – vegan foods have made inroads into the mainstream.

You can experience some of these appetising vegan dishes at the Melting Pot, a multi-cuisine restaurant at The Woodrose, Bangalore.

South Indian

Bring on the idli and dosas! South Indian food is far less reliant on animal products as compared with the northern food, making it easier for vegans to dine worry-free. Regional staples include sambar, dosas, idli, and various curries & chutneys.

Chinese Hot Pot

Hot pot is something that allows you to choose your “protein”, broth, sauce, and rice/noodles. The vegan option typically includes raw veggies such as cabbage, baby corn, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, onions, and tofu, plus a huge bowl of seasoned broth to cook them in, various dipping sauces, and a portion of steamed rice/noodles. It is vegan yet incredibly delicious and satisfying.


For decades wellness practitioners have been highlighting benefits of a Mediterranean diet as it’s mostly plant-based. There’s nothing like a mezze platter of roasted peppers, charred eggplant, creamy hummus, olives and warm, fluffy pita bread. You got to try it to understand what we mean.

At The Woodrose, we serve vegetarian, non-vegetarian and special meals as per the preference of our guests. 

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