Surprises are loved by all. If you want to show your love, care, and concern for someone; surprise them with a lovely gesture. If their birthday is approaching, plan a surprise birthday party for them. Organizing parties at banquet halls is a fascinating idea but it comes with a set of challenges. Hiding the actual plans from your loved one becomes a little arduous. But a little planning can turn your plan into a success and bring a lot of joy to your loved one.

Take a look at the step-by-step guide to plan a surprise birthday party at a banquet hall.

• Plan a fake party with your loved one

Including birthday boy/girl in the planning process is out of the question but making them feel like you have forgotten about their birthday can make them suspicious. So, the best solution is to plan a counterfeit birthday party with them.

Actively plan a proper party with them; from deciding for the banquet halls to the menu.

• Find the perfect venue

Home is not the ideal place for a surprise birthday party for an obvious reason and hence, must look for good venues.

Make sure you reserve the venue weeks ahead of the party date as the event venues in Bangalore get booked too quickly.

• Look for banquet halls that could share your responsibility

Planning a surprise birthday party can be a frisky job. To ease down things a bit, you must pursue a venue that offers all-inclusive amenities.

Seek out the venues that provide you with the facility of catering and venue decoration. If you could not find a banquet hall with all-inclusive amenities, you can request them to arrange it for you.

• Select a proper time

Getting the timings right is the biggest challenge of organizing a surprise birthday party. Many parties fail because the birthday boy/girl arrives before the arrival of the guests.

To keep this from happening, you must make sure that all the guests arrive before the guest of honour. You must stress the timing while inviting the guests. Inviting the guests 1 hour before the scheduled arrival of your loved one is a good idea.

• Keep everything under wraps

You must include only two to three people into planning the surprise birthday party. Hide your plans from children as they tend to spoil the surprise.

Be cautious while sending invitation emails or messages. Hide the receipts and bills related to the party.

• Capture the moment

Make sure to capture the surprise moment in your camera to cherish it all your life.