Deciding to have an event is one thing and planning is another. With so much to do in terms of arrangements and decisions, it becomes quite hectic to look after anything and everything.

Here are some practical tips on how to find the perfect venue for any kind of social or corporate gathering.

Accessibility: First and the foremost point to consider while selecting a venue is to make sure that it is accessible or centrally located and is well-connected.

Skilled staff: Having a perfect staff is a big go-go! Consider choosing the venue with a knowledgeable coordinator and experienced service staff who you can reach out in case of any problem.

Advance booking: It is mandatory to start looking for the venue long before the event has to be carried out. Not only will it help you to pre-plan, but also it will help you to carry out activities seamlessly.

Good food means happy guests: Do not forget to check the quality and variety of food being provided at the venue of your choice. You certainly wouldn’t want your event to be unsuccessful because of the quality of food.

Accommodations: It doesn’t matter if it is a social or a corporate event that you are planning for, a venue must have a good accommodation for people to rest or freshen up while they are there.

Parking Facility: It is necessary to have an ample parking facility available for your guests at the venue. Also, check if the venue provides valet parking for the ease of your gathering.

At The Woodrose, we have a couple of options when it comes to choosing a banqueting space. For parties and social gatherings you can choose The Blue Room that can accommodate upto 100 guests, Open-Air Amphitheater that can accommodate up to 400 guests  or The Terrace Courtyard that’s designed exclusively to host private parties. And, for corporate meetings you may select Board Room or the Conference Hall that’s ideal for your conferences or board meetings.

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