Planning a business-related social event, whether a weekend get together or formal business dinner, requires a firm plan. The first thing you need to decide is the venue. Choosing a unique and reliable venue is an essential parameter for your event’s success.

The Woodrose Bangalore is the venue which is a one-stop destination for every event you plan. Be it a conference hall in Bangalore suitable for business meeting, get together or your own social meetings, we have everything aligned for you. Listed down are some of the customized spaces for your events.

1. The Blue Room
The Blue Room is an ideal conference hall in Bangalore that one will search for. It can accommodate up to 100 guests. This venue is specially designed for seminars, conferences, banquets, and corporate events. The room is designed in theatre-style with state-of-the-art AV equipment.

2. Board Room
The boardroom at The Woodrose in Bangalore has great interiors along with a projector, and conference tables with a unique design that opens out into a landscaped courtyard. The boardroom can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests.

3. Open-air Amphitheatre
Located betwixt the lawns, the open-air Amphitheatre is an ideal venue for anything from a themed wedding to a cool concert under the light of stars. This space can accommodate a maximum of 400 guests.

4. Conference Hall
This conference hall is located on the first floor. It is ideal for any corporate event or social gathering. The maximum capacity it can hold is up to 35 guests.

5. The Terrace Courtyard/open-air Deck Lounge
This lovely and spacious landscaped area is designed to host private parties. Apart from the open view the lounge also has a well-stocked bar for guests to enjoy themselves. The courtyard can accommodate a maximum of 75 guests.

6. The Activity Room
Is it your formal get-together or your personal event, the activity room has everything for you. This place is designed with wooden flooring and panels with world-class AV facilities, the room can accommodate a maximum of 35 guests.

So, if you are looking for any conference room or conference hall with maximum resources and great services then The Woodrose is an ideal place to book without any hesitation.