February 16, 2022

Five things to consider while evaluating the Best Kitty Party Venues in Bangalore!

Needing to plan something safe in COVID times, for a kitty party in your group is not impossible!

A kitty party is when women with common interests come together every month to do something fun & joyful. In this social gathering, ‘Kitty’ is the money collected from each member at the party. Collected kitty is used by the nominated host, for making the necessary arrangements – Food, Entertainment and Logistics.

Ensuring a kitty party that is entertaining and exciting is often challenging. Especially, when the fun quotient is restricted by the venue.

Now, to organize a kitty party efficiently, we need to evaluate a venue on the following aspects:

1. Location: Like any venue for corporate events in Bangalore, kitty parties also need venues in a safe and secure locality. In today’s world of cab aggregators, JP Nagar is one of the well-serviced areas. The Woodrose, located in J. P. Nagar, 7th phase comes with 24*7 security & parking facilities including valet services.

2. Open spaces: With COVID restrictions, kitty parties need plenty of open spaces at the venue. It also provides options for endless party ideas. At The Woodrose, the open-air Amphitheatre allows kitty party hosts to plan an open lawn for party such as a garden tea party or even a theme of picnic baskets in Bangalore!

3. Food & Beverage Menu: A kitty party without a spread or tasty food will leave everyone disappointed. They are the key elements of the party. The kitchen at The Woodrose is well-equipped to cater to the requirements of any kitty party. An expert team of chefs with the highest standards of hygiene prepare sumptuous and yummy food. They can provide an array of delicacies – Chinese, Continental and Indian cuisines. Also, the bar team at The Tonic Bar has access to a well-stocked bar offering a wide range of interesting cocktails and classic drinks.

4. Party Area: The venue needs to complement the theme of the kitty party, to make it fun and exciting. At times, a kitty party theme may not be possible even in the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing on account of party area. However, at The Woodrose, the host has a wide range of party areas to choose from:

a. Open-air Amphitheatre – amidst the lawns and can accommodate up to 400 guests,
b. The Terrace Courtyard overlooks expansive lawns and has a well-stocked bar. It is considered one of the best cocktail party venues in Bangalore,
c. The Blue Room which is known as one of the best party hall in jp nagar and can accommodate up to 100 guests and
d. Finally, the Activity Room which is ideal for a small private gathering of up to 35 guests.

All employees at the Woodrose are vaccinated and follow covid safety protocols such as frequent sanitization of the premises against covid, social distancing and 100% mask up at all public & back office areas of the property.

5. Event Management: Planning and execution are key to overcoming the challenges of organizing an engaging kitty party. When taken care of, the experience is exciting and joyful to the entire group of women. To ensure this, The Woodrose has hired an efficient and passionate team of hospitality executives who know the importance of any event and envisage special moments. They are technically proficient with a wide network of vendors for all services to execute and coordinate requirements.

It is now possible to plan the perfect kitty party, even with COVID-19 still a part of our lives. We will support you with your party ideas and handle the stressful bits as well.

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