Testimonial 6

“My wife and i enjoyed the quality of food and service in this restaurant and especially so with the warm and cheering attitude of Mr. Raghavendra. Will be here next year around August.”

Testimonial 5

“It is always a pleasure for Gopal and me to have lunch or dinner at melting pot! We are big foodies so we end up comparing melting pot food with others! You have set the bar high! Even our friends and family who visit are absolutely thrilled about the food. I...

Testimonial 4

“We are delighted to inform you that we are extremely happy with the service provided during the entire workshop. Thank you Mr. Suresh for the support from the day one for the execution of the entire workshop. A special thank you for Mr. Nagesh for his energetic...

Testimonial 3

“So cool and awesome, please do these varieties over and again…. Abha Vaijnath (10 year)… loved everything…happy to say we are at par with Oberoi!!! yayyy happy to be associated with The Woodrose and Melting Pot”

Testimonial 2

“Excellent food, warm hospitality The food at the Melting Pot @ wood rose is in-line with the best five stars in the town. The Roti & curry are delicious The carrot & beans warm salad is something you would alway come back & the starter are...