Bask in Nature’s beauty this Valentine!

This Valentine’s Day, plan a romantic outing amongst nature.

A romantic picnic at your favourite spot can make the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Here is a checklist to make the perfect Valentine’s day picnic:


 Choose a durable water-resistant picnic blanket for the trip. You should not worry about any food spills until after all the fun is over.


For comfort, you will need cushions to settle down on the ground. These cushions need to be durable and take the demands of an outdoor picnic. Also, soft enough to make you comfortable.

Ice Box

The beverages need to be kept cool and fresh. They can be drinks, water, soft drinks, beverages and even food items. In the scorching afternoon, food packed at home will need to be insulated from the heat by an easy-to-carry container.

Wooden board

Go all out and pack a beautiful charcuterie board. Fill it with sweet and savoury ingredients that make for delicious nibbles.

Thoughtful gift

To make the picnic special, surprise your love with a thoughtful gift. It does not need to be expensive but surely memorable. Something that will remind your loved one about this picnic for years to come.

The spot

Finding a perfect spot is key. To create the setting, you will need a spot where the blanket is sprawled out, comfortable cushions while away, and a picnic menu filled with delicious treats. Couples with picnic baskets in bangalore have found the Woodrose to be that ideal spot.

Basket of love 

Packing a feast sets the tone for the picnic and lets your loved one know how special this date is! The feast need not be prepared at home. Order in from melting point at the Woodrose, the best home delivery restaurant in JP Nagar. Do not forget to choose from their wide range of desserts.

Make your Valentine’s Day special

A picnic at the Woodrose’s open lawn for party of two is the perfect way to celebrate this special day. You can extend this picnic into the night with a candle night dinner for two at melting point, the woodrose for Rs 1,499 + GST.

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