Not sure where to host your event?

Here are 8 things to consider when choosing your next event venue.

1)    Location

Whether you are having your conference locally or out of town, it is very important to pick the right place for your guests. If you have guests travelling from out of town, ideally an event venue near the airport is both convenient and cost-effective.

2)    Space/Seating Availability

Depending on the number of guests you are expecting, make sure there is ample space to accommodate everyone accordingly.

3)    Indoor/Outdoor Space

Based on the type of event you are hosting, it is important to have a check on the set up before deciding whether the event will be outdoors or indoors. Keep a check on weather and other natural occurrences in or around the venue you choose.

4)    Cost and logistics

When planning out your event, make sure all the details are sorted at least two months prior. Details like food, beverages, cutlery, chairs, microphones should all be decided according to the budget you set.

5)   Goodwill

The event venue is the first materializing factor every event. All your promotions, planning and execution depends upon the venue you choose. It will be the core concept when designing and branding your creatives and marketing plan.

6)    Staffing and Security

Make sure your guests are taken care of by keeping a balanced amount of staff and security ready to cater to your event needs.

7)    Basic amenities and technical arrangements

Before planning your event, keep all the necessities in order. If required, get in touch with an external event company to help plan your event efficiently and effectively.

8)    The tech-friendly venue

The basic technological facilities like Wi-Fi and AV equipment are available at almost all the venues. However, with the rise of the tech world and the growing prevalence of event technology, these things are not enough.

If you are planning to host a sizeable event, make sure that the venue has some additional technological facilities available as well.

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